Window Cleaning Process and 8 Tips for a Spotless Home

Window Cleaning Process and Tips for a Spotless Home

When it comes to house cleaning, window cleaning is a very distressing task. But it is not as tricky as we think. Windows also require deep cleaning once in a month to get an unobstructed view. Cleaning must be done properly and in an efficient way to get crystal clear windows doing it wrong can leave streaks behind.

So, here are the things that you can do to clean windows like a pro:

1. Clean cloth

Clean cloth

Use a clean cloth to remove the dust from windows. The cloth isn’t necessary to be newly bought from walmart. You can use any cloth like an old T-Shirt.

2. Soft brush

Soft brush

Use an old toothbrush or any brush available at your home but it needs to be soft. Hard brushes are not ideal for cleaning windows because it can leave scratches on the glass making your whole cleaning process a nightmare.

3. Dishwashing liquid

ishwashing liquid

Using dishwashing liquid is effective as compared to other types of soaps and liquids

4. Avoid detergent

Avoid detergent

Avoid using detergents  as it  can leave a greasy film on windows which attract more dirt after cleaning. It reduces the shine of the windows.

5. Sponge


Using a sponge is a great way to remove the excess water. It can also help in removing remaining soap making it clean.

6. Spray bottle

Spray bottle

Use a spray bottle to sprinkle solution over the window. Sprinkle the solution from a distance so that the solution reaches every corner of the window .

7. Cotton buds/Ear swabs

Cotton buds/Ear swabs

Using cotton buds is the best possible way to clean the hard reach areas in the window. As there is residue left behind in the corners, cotton swabs are perfect for cleaning it.

8. Process of cleaning window

Process of cleaning window

Use a clean cloth or soft brush to remove the excess dirt /dust from  the window. To make the window cleaning solution, take a bucket one-fourth filled with water and add dishwashing liquid in it. You can add a few drops of vinegar.

Transfer the solution in a spray bottle and spray it over the window glass inside and out. Now wipe the window for removing cleaning solution or use a sponge to remove excess water from it. Remove dirt from the corners also using a clean cloth or vacuum cleaner. Use the same process for remaining windows.

Tips to be kept in mind while cleaning windows:

  • Deep clean all the windows once every month.
  • Avoid cleaning windows on a sunny day or else can clean in the morning or  evening.
  • Use the right tools like clean cloth and sponge, vacuum, soft brush.
  • Use dishwashing liquid in an adequate amount. Don’t make the solution soapy.
  • Always wipe the windows in one direction either horizontally or vertically.
  • Do not use paper as in leaves streaks on the glass.
  • Don’t forget to clean the corners of the windows.
  • You can use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust from the window.
  • You can use a  sponge to remove excess solution from the window.

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