5 Cleaning Hacks to Save Time and Effort

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Cleaning can be a difficult and time-consuming chore. Anyway, we can make the whole process a lot easier and more efficient with a few smart cleaning tricks. These cleaning hacks makes use of everyday items that you may already have and are inexpensive and simple to use. You can save time and effort and still maintain a fresh and clean home by using a sponge and water to remove pet hair from furniture, a solution of vinegar to clean your oven, lemon to clean your chopping board, cover of a pillow to clean your ceiling fan, and dryer cloths to clean your flooring. These ideas are perfect for everybody who wants to make cleaning simple and easier while maintaining cleanliness.

So, here are 5 cleaning hacks that will save your time and effort while cleaning:

1. Use a sponge to clean pet hairs:


If you have pets, you are definitely aware that how difficult it can be for you to clean their hair from the couches. In order to remove pet hair from the fabric, use a sponge or squeegee. But try using the sponge instead of a vacuum cleaner or dust brush. The hair will stick to the rubber edge as you rub it gently over the cloth’s surface, which makes it simple to clean it.

2. Clean your oven with vinegar:


Cleaning your microwave does not need to be difficult to do. In a bowl suitable for the the oven, mix vinegar and water in equal quantities. After five minutes, turn off the microwave and allow it settle for a few more minutes. Any dirt and oil will become less rigid because of the steam produced by the vinegar and water mixture, which makes it simple to  clean it.

3. Use a lemon to clean your chopping board:

chopping board

Cutting boards may contain bacteria, but a lemon can quickly and easily remove any germs. Cut a lemon in half, then rub on the chopping board while keeping the cut side down. Any germs on your chopping  board will be removed with the acidic nature of the lemon, making it appear fresh.

4. Use a pillow cover to clean ceiling fans:

ceiling fans

Using a pillow cover can make cleaning your ceiling fan more simple and less messy. Each of the blades must be cleansed by putting the pillowcase over it. As a result of this, dust which has collected in the pillow cover cannot fall out on the floor and is able to be simply thrown out.

5. Use a dry sheet to clean walls:


The walls are easily affected by gathered dust and fingerprints, but using dryer sheets can bring back their fresh looks. In order to get rid of any dirt and debris, rub the walls with a dryer sheet. A small layer of fabric conditioner left behind by the sheet can serve as an additional dust preventive.

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